PwC Cyber Security Day 2016

Discover the latest key trends and proven next generation solutions in Cyber Security

The PwC Cyber Security Day will feature strategic market and tech trends as well as outline the main threats.
International industry experts and investment funds will share the stage with the top ten next generation companies in Cyber Security.

The event will cover the findings of the "Global State of Information Security Survey 2017" and its applications to relevant markets in Europe.
Latest trends and developments in the Cyber Security landscape will be presented in interactive sessions along with our vision of what can be
done to face the transformation challenges.

Fast growing technology companies representing the top 10 next generation solutions in Cyber Security will engage in a Local to Global pitching competition and a strategic networking forum to meet international investors and stakeholders that can help them expand their footprint globally.

How it works

  • Registered participants will be able to request unique individual business meetings with exhibitors.
  • Meeting requests must be confirmed by both sides in order to be scheduled
  • Shortly before the event, each participan...
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You can register in 3 easy steps:

  1. Enter your company data
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All profiles will be check...

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Exhibitors (26)

SecurityScorecard BehavioSec Skybox Security Picus Security NetGuardians Nexus Group ODI - Operations and Data Integrity Aubay Luxembourg Morphisec, Inc. RedOwl Group UK Ltd Digital Shadows IDECSI INCERT GIE SnT, Universtiy of Luxembourg Privus